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     BARONS OF STEEL is a private social club founded on January 4, 2019. Its name is a variation of the first leather club in Pittsburgh called The Steel Barons. Membership is by invitation only. Meetings are private and not open to the general public. BOS is currently applying for non-profit status as a 501.c3 in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service. All uses of the club name, it’s abbreviation and website are owned by BOS and may not be used or transmitted without prior authorization of BOS.


     To foster awareness of cultural and educational opportunities in Western Pennsylvania, enhance social interactions between the leather-fetish and greater LGBTQIA+ community-at-large, support philanthropic organizations and events, and offer a wide range of social and travel events throughout the United States and international communities.

Board of Directors 


David Dean



Brett James

President/Managing Partner


Kendall Fairley

Corporate Secretary 

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